Miloslav Kubeš (source: Daniel Šperl)

Miloslav Kubeš (source: Daniel Šperl)

Miloslav Kubeš

1927 (Bošilec) - 2008 (Prague)

The photographer Kubeš was born in Southern Bohemia in the village Bošilec. He became a mason, studied technical school and then he became the doctor of philosophy at Charles University Prague.


He has got his first camera after Second World War. He travelled by bike through South Bohemian, the region of ponds and rivers, and photographed here. He taught the philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy at the Charles University in 1968. He wrote books The Man, The Philosophy And The World, I. and II. part, together with Ladislav Křížkovský and The Critique Of Bourgeois Philosophy with Jakub Netopilík.


The subject of his photographic and philosophical interest was a contemporary man, his identity, interest, his leisure time activities. He analysed the philosophical aspects of the situations he captured on camera. He contributed to the quarterly Revue Photos with his theoretical works, but his own photos weren't presented during his life. Miloslav Kubeš died in 2008.


Daniel Šperl made the documentary about Miloslav Kubeš in 2008 and published the book Man, Who Are You?


Daniel Šperl: Miloslav Kubeš - Člověče kdo jsi?/Man, Who Are You?, Kant, 2010, Praha

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