Miroslav Šeda

Question for Author:

Where are your limits?

A canvas...

Author about himself:

2012  until now

Academy of Fine Arts Prague, Studio of drawing, Jiri Petrbok´s school

I create in cycles which allows me to develop a story and a content of paintings. When creating I draw on my personal life and the life around me. I try to observe things and decompose them to the smallest detail and the relationships among them in my head. I try to bring a new view of the reality as a whole into my work. The viewer can´t expect anything if he really doesn´t open his eyes.

The cycle Insomnia presents a blend of the reality with dreams to produce deformed situation depicted with a great grip on detail and at the same time to distort utterly the image in space. I refer to social problems and their overall perception in the society we live in.

"Earlier, I didn´t understand why I wasn´t answered my question, today I wonder how I could believe that I can ask." Franz Kafka



Stejk (cycle Život ve lži), City Theater Kolin, Kolin


20. anniversary - founding of OSSPo (cycle Insomnia), City Theater Kolin, Kolin


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