*1988, Praha

*1988, Praha

Kristina Láníková

Question For Author:

Do you wash yourself often?

I keep to my cotton hygiene.

Author about herself:

2008 - 2014

Charles University, Faculty of Humanities

2012 until now

Academy of Fine Arts Prague, Studio of drawing, Jiri Petrbok´s school

I use a text as preparatory scetches or starting point for my creation. I´m occupied with the topics of memory and place. I tend to work with installations, which integrates a variety of found materials, photos, objects etc. I directly reflect that very process of creation and this reflection becomes an integral part of my work. I am often doubtful about a form of the visual output.

I used to think that I have a decorative tendencies. I found out that I don´t have them. Teeth like pearls, for those aching ones is to be lighted a candle.

On the wall is attached a piece of salt for tongue of deer. At the level of the jaw.

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