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Czech Art Gallery was founded as a web gallery, a part of a project supporting young generation of artists at the start of their career.


We believe that art reflects the culture of a country and that it makes sense to support its development in any way. We feel that young artists often have little real chances to make a living just as artists after graduation, and thus the dynamics in art as well as the interest itself in it is slowly fading away...


Through the project we would like to encourage and enable young generation of artists to pursue their talent and present their artworks to the wider public, potential investors, and all of this in even less traditional ways than in classic galleries. At the same time we aim to attract the public attention regarding art, bring it closer to them and give anyone a chance to begin to perceive the value of art and perceive the art as a traditional part of our culture.


In this web gallery you will find the first cooperating artists from the students or graduates of prestigious art schools. Artworks by students and graduates within 5 years after graduation are sold at a price determined by the artist which is increased only by necessary handling fee to cover the costs of running the gallery. All artworks are always possible to see in person before buying.

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